Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Southern summer BBQ extravaganza

My daughter's second birthday party inspired me to put on a Southern comfort food feast. Being from the Northeast, I don't typically prepare these foods, but I was looking for some inspiration to get me out of the burgers and dogs rut. The Suffern Farmers Market has some interesting offerings, including a stand that sells spicy barbeque sauce, ribs and brisket. I decided on a Southern BBQ theme. That's my Pineapple BBQ chicken (above) adapted from a recipe I found here. I left out the flour but drained the pineapple.
Here is some good 'ol homemade, super creamy mac and cheese as well as my Beefy Cheesy Corn Bread adapted from another recipe. This was posted previously on this blog here. In the slow cooker pot are my BBQ Turkey Meatballs which I adapted from a recipe I found here. I left out the tapioca and substituted apricot jelly for the apple jelly. My mother said they were the best meatballs she ever had which she felt bad saying since my grandmother in heaven can hear her.

I also served baked beans, burgers and hot dogs as well as all the yummy dishes brought by friends and family including those below.

My aunt made a delicious red potato salad. If I get the recipe, I will post it. (She also brought her kids who are teens/young adults and a source of entertainment for my daughter so I could cook and clean!) My sister-in-law brought the appetizers - a layered taco dip with whole wheat tortilla chips, spinach dip in pumpernickel bread, and some hot hors d'oeuvres. My other sister-in-law brought a pasta salad as did my mother-in-law who also brought a chick pea salad. My parents brought a cheese and fruit platter.

It was a feast. My biggest mistake was preparing a chicken leg quarter for each guest. Every family left my house with chicken in a baggie. The good news is we have been enjoying the leftovers every day since!

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