Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Surging Costs of Groceries

Here's a link to another article, this one from the Boston Globe, that lays down the ugly facts about the food crisis.

Greater demand for local food

Maryanne Hedrick from MyPersonalFarmers.com posted a comment in response to my last post and what she wrote is exactly the point I was moving toward with my recent posts about the international food crisis: "More focus and greater demand for local food is a possible positive outcome of the food/energy/economic crisis. The editorial by Dan Barber, in this past Sunday's NYTimes on this subject, focused on this subject and really moved me," Maryanne wrote.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Global food crisis

The Washington Post is running a series about the causes and effects of the world's worst food crisis since the 1970s. A complex combination of poor harvests, competition with biofuels, higher energy prices, surging demand in China and India, and a blockage in global trade is driving food prices up worldwide. Some countries, especially in Africa, are facing an increasingly dire situation while even consumers in wealthy nations are being forced to adjust. It's well worth a look: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/world/globalfoodcrisis/.

Local food is becoming more than just the latest buzz. It may very well be a necessity as other sources of food diminish or become too pricey. It looks like we are making a shift back to basics which is better for our bodies, our planet and now our wallets.

Why Local Foods? Why Now?

A friend and colleague is giving a free talk. If you live in Westchester and are interested in local foods, I highly recommend this event. It will be a review of the cultural phenomena surrounding the trend to eat more local foods, with added perspective on the farming trends in the Hudson Valley


Hudson Valley Hospital Wellness Club
Cortland Town Center (next to Marshalls)
Mohegan Lake, NY

Date and Time: May 28, 2008 10:30 AM, for 1 hour

Other: Free to the public, no reservations necessary. Samples of local foods will be available for tasting.

Sponsored by: www.mypersonalfarmers.com and the Hudson Valley Hospital Wellness Club

For more information please email info@mypersonalfarmers.com, or call 914-293-0701.

"The closer the farm is to your home, the fresher and better tasting the food is on your table."

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