Saturday, April 19, 2008

Burger - Fred Fredburger that is

Here is the cake I made for my son's 10th birthday. If you don't know who is featured on the cake, you don't have a fourth grader. Meet Fred Fredburger. He likes to spell his name, he says "Yes!" after everything and he like nachos. He is an offbeat character on "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" on Cartoon Network. As you can tell, I do have a fourth grader. The truth is, I kind of like Fred. The cake I made for the family party a few days later also had Fred Fredburger's mug and said, "Fredburger for President '08." I can't take credit for that slogan though, I actually saw it online.

Anyway, I printed a picture of Fred from here: and then cut the outline out, laid the makeshift paper stencil down on the already iced cake (which is easier to do if the icing has dried a little, so the paper doesn't stick) and sprayed Wilton Color Mist Food Color Spray ( around the outline and then removed the paper. I piped blue icing around the outline of Fred and filled the rest in with vanilla icing lightly colored with green food coloring. Very easy - and fun!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drink wine for charity

It's been about three weeks since my last post and I sincerely apologize to all you fans out there. Hello? Hello?? Did anyone hear that? I can pretend, can't I!?

Anyway, I would like to share news about a fundraiser for a good cause in Westchester. I read about this on Liz Johnson's Small Bites blog on You can drink wine for charity... does it get any better than that?

Fourth Annual Wine Tasting Raises Money for Local Organizations

WHAT: Chappaqua Rotary and Hilltop Wines are once again teaming up to present a festive, entertaining and delicious evening of wine tasting that serves as a fundraiser for local organizations supported by the Rotary Club of Chappaqua.

Attendees can sample more than 100 wines from around the world and enjoy hors d’oeuvres provided by Crabtree’s Kittle House. The wines are also available for sale, with 10% of the profits donated to the Rotary for distribution to their charities.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 7 to 9:30 p.m.

WHERE: Crabtree’s Kittle House, 11 Kittle Road, Chappaqua, NY

WHY: “This is a unique opportunity to sample wines from around the world, enjoy excellent cuisine and benefit so many organizations that are important to the community, including the Chappaqua Volunteer Fire Department, the Hillside Food Pantry and the Northern Westchester Women’s Shelter, just to name a few,” says John Buckley, President of the Chappaqua Rotary. “We are pleased that this event does so much to help these groups provide their essential services to those in need.”

MORE INFO: Tickets are available for $75 in advance and $80 at the door, with all proceeds benefiting Rotary charities. They can be purchased in-person at Hilltop Wines, 423 King Street, Chappaqua; or reserved by calling 914-238-8422 or via email at

Maybe you'll catch Hill and Bill there, although I doubt they are doing much campaigning in their hometown right now!

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