Saturday, February 16, 2008

Secret to the Perfect Omelet

I have discovered the secret to the perfect omelet and it's not onions, peppers or cheese - it's a stainless steel pan. Most of my life I have cooked with non-stick pans, mostly because they are affordable and I didn't know any better! I have slowly been discovering the joys of cooking with stainless steel since my father bought me a beautiful set of stainless pots and pans for Christmas. So, this morning I sprayed my 8 inch pan with olive oil and heated the pan. Once I added the eggs, the omelet cooked quickly and evenly and flipped easily. I'm never going back.

Another cooking tool I am learning I can't live without is a good knife. I spluged on one when I hosted a Pampered Chef party a few months back and I now relize I have been chopping with a handicap for years. Good knives are worth the extra money.

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jim said...

Thanks for the tip on the perfect omlete. I will have to try it especially since my ometes stick.

Also, YES to a good knife. They do cost money but you get what you pay for -- as the old saying goes.


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