Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Easy, Delicious, Nutritious

Last night's dinner was simple to cook, but the family felt like they were eating at our favorite Japanese restaurant.

Salmon - wild, not farm-raised of course - was on sale at the local supermarket, so I bought three pounds. I cooked half of it and froze half for another night. I lined my George Forman grill with aluminum foil for easy clean-up (otherwise the grill smells like fish for weeks), set it to 350 degrees, put the salmon on and topped it with a soy/ginger/garlic marinade from a bottle. It was fairly thick, so it took about 15 or 20 minutes.

While that was grilling, I put a cup of brown rice and some water and olive oil in my rice cooker to boil and topped that with the steamer tray filled with shrimp shumai. I buy the shumai frozen at my local Asian vegetable market and for $2.99 I get about three times a typical order at a restaurant for a fraction of the price. I also steamed some veggies.

The whole meal took about a half hour to prepare and was a big hit with the family. Easy clean-up too.

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