Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cookbook from my grandmother's hometown

When looking for fundraising ideas for the Suffern Farmer’s Market, I came upon a website that publishes community cookbooks and one of those cookbooks was from Middleport, NY. This is a very small town way upstate in New York – near Buffalo and the Canadian border. My father and uncles grew up there and my grandmother lived there until she passed away a little over ten years ago. She was very active in the community and I hope I possess half the zest for life that she had. One of my favorite (and last) memories of my gradnmother is of she and I peeling, coring and cutting apples from my former boss' tree and making an apple pie the way her mother (a home economics teacher at a school for the blind in MI) taught her. (I will include that apple pie recipe in another post). My grandfather, Herb Halstead, passed away when my father was a child, so I never knew him but have heard often about his vivacious personality.

The following sample recipe from the Middleport Community Choir Cookbook was on the publisher's site and I felt warm and fuzzy when I saw the name - Herb - like my grandfather! Could it be a message from above? Below the recipe is information on ordering.

"Welcome Herb" Potato Salad (German recipe) By: Dorle Hirte
1kg potatoes
1 lg onion
6 T. oil
3 T. boiling water
vinegar to taste
salt, pepper & paprika
parsley, chives & dill

Boil the unpeeled potatoes until done. Peel and cut into slices. Peel onion, grate into small pieces and add to the potatoes along with the vinegar, salt, pepper, paprika and chopped herbs. Pour the hot water over the mixture and allow to marinade for about 30 minutes. Add the oil, stir well and make sure all ingredients are well incorporated. You may now add some chopped hard-boiled eggs or dill pickles if you wish.

Make check payable to:Middleport Community Choir
Mail order to:The Middleport Community Choir, Attn: Gail Kester
Park Ave. & Vernon St.
Middleport, NY 14105
Phone: 716-523-4783
Web site
Cost: $11.00plus $3.00 S/H per book.
New York residents add 8% state and local sales tax to your order.

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